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Mondays to Fridays 7am to 7pm

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Create Abilities, not Cram Information

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Preparation for Primary School

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Making Childhood Great Again

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Mondays to Fridays
7am to 7pm

The number of dual-income families is on the rise, which also means the number of families looking for a suitable childcare programme is more important to parents than ever. At Stamford, we hope to give parents the peace of mind by providing a safe and helpful learning environment for each and every child.. 

With us taking care of the daily routine of your child from Mondays to Fridays, be rest assured as parents continue to pursue their career goals. Given that we are conveniently located along Orchard Road, in the heart of Singapore, coming to your child at the end of the day for pick up is more convenient than ever. 

creating abilities,
not cramming information

At Stamford Education, we understand the main concern you face of sending your child to childcare – you do not just want a child-minding service. You want them to spend time in school learning meaningfully, so you do not have to go through the chore of teaching again at the end of each long working day.

With the same New Education principle applied also to our childcare programme, the Stamford’s child benefit more from coming to our childcare than going to an average childcare plus additional enrichment programmes

Preparation for Primary school 


With New Education, preschool lessons take a radically different turn. Instead of the traditional methods of endless repetitions, revisions, and cramming of information, Stamford Education’s classes does away with all of the above. Our Motto? No Homework, No Revision, No Stress. 

That is to say, if we have enough time with each and every child who is preparing to go to primary school, we would be able to help them prepare for primary school without stress. How does that happen? 

By focusing on creating abilities with Whole Brain Training, we are nurturing children who end up developing a flair for communication, numeracy, broader perspective of the world – just to name a few. 

If all that has been achieved, primary school is made easy. 

Making Childhood Great again  

Most schools that place an emphasis on preparing children for primary school ends up doing it at the expense of a happy childhood. Children end up trading outdoor play time with Assessment Books, free play time with Formative Assessments, and freedom to be a child with Weekly Spelling Tests.

You see, we believe in making childhoods great again. In other words, children still meet their learning needs, without having to give up being and playing like a child. In fact, we encourage them and provide them with the space and time to be child-like.

With New Education, it is no longer just education. 

All The Right Things

With your child’s childcare, enrichment and childhood-preserving needs all in one,
Stamford Education Childcare is where all the right things are in one place. 

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